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2. It will complement and reinforce, without duplication, the existing control regimes for weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems, as well as other internationally recognised measures designed to promote transparency and greater responsibility, by focusing on the threats to international and regional peace and security which may arise from transfers of armaments and sensitive dual-use goods and technologies where the risks are judged greatest. Procedures for the General Information Exchange 1. Participating states agree to exchange general information on risks associated with transfers of conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies in order to consider, where necessary, the scope for coordinating national control policies to combat these risks. In the light of the general and specific information exchange, the scope of these notifications, as well as their relevance for the purposes of the arrangement, will be reviewed. 5. Upon the commencement of this arrangement, participating states agree that work on further guidelines and procedures will continue expeditiously and taking into account experience acquired.

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2. As an initial stage in the evolution of the new arrangement, participating states will exchange information every six months on deliveries to nonparticipating states of conventional arms set forth in Appendix 3, initially derived from the categories of the UN Register of Conventional Arms. They will discuss and compare national practices at a later stage. This will include, in particular, a review of the scope of conventional arms to be covered with a view to extending information and notifications beyond the categories described in Appendix 3. Participating states agree to discuss further how to deal with any areas of overlap between the various lists. The information to be exchanged will include any matters which individual participating states wish to bring to the attention of others, including, for those wishing to do so, notifications which go beyond those agreed upon. The indicative content of these license/transfer notifications is described in Appendix 2. 5. Participating states will exert extreme vigilance for items included in the subset of tier 2 by applying to those exports national conditions and criteria.

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Initially, these notifications will apply to all non-participating states. The indicative content http://musibambino.com/uncategorized/tramite-chi-scambiare-opzioni of these denial notifications is described in Appendix 2. 3. For items in the second tier and its subset of very sensitive items, participating states will notify, on an individual basis, all licences inizio dellopzione binaria denied pursuant to the purposes of the arrangement to ho scelto le opzioni perch le opzioni binarie non-participating states. 2. For tier 1, participating states will notify all licences denied relevant to the purposes of the arrangement to nonparticipating states, on an aggregate basis, twice per year. 2. A list of possible elements of the general information exchange on nonparticipating states is contained in Appendix 1. V. Procedures for the Exchange of Information on Dual-Use Goods and Technology 1. Participating states will notify licences denied to non-participants with respect to items on the List of Dual-Use Goods and Technologies, where the reasons for denial are relevant to the purposes of the arrangement.

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Participating states will seek, through their national policies, to ensure that transfers of these items do not contribute to the development or enhancement of military capabilities which undermine these goals, and are not diverted to support such capabilities. Procedures for the Exchange of Information on Arms 1. Participating states agree that the information to be exchanged on arms will include any matters which individual participating states wish to bring to the attention of others, such as emerging trends in weapons programmes and the accumulation of particular weapons systems, where they are of concern, for achieving the objectives of the arrangement. La lista dei prodotti sottoposti a controllo è fondata su quanto previsto dal Wassenaar Arrangement e su altre politiche di restrizione di respiro internazionale. 2. Plenary meetings will be held at least once a year and chaired by a participating state on the basis of annual rotation. Denial notification for items in the second tier and its sub-set of very sensitive items will be on the basis of, but not be limited to, the following indicative or illustrative list: • From (country) • Item number on the Control List • Short description • Number of units (quantity) • Consignee(s) • Intermediate consignee(s) and/or agent(s): Name Address Country • Ultimate consignee(s) and/or enduser(s): Name Address Country • Stated end-use • Reason for the denial • Other relevant information. 2. La control list.

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