The first graduates of our Intermediate ICT course!

We are happy to announce that all 19 students of our Intermediate ICT course have received their certificate last Friday. After an intense 2,5 hours during which the students needed to do the exam, we enjoyed some drinks and speeches from both the students and Aurora employees and concluded the ceremony by handing out their certificates. We surprised the students at the end of the ceremony by announcing that the top two students from the group would be donated a laptop. These two students both had perfect attendance throughout the course as well as the highest scores on the exam.


We want to thank Islandsbanki for donating these laptops, as these students are now able to continue improving their ICT skills! Besides this, we could not have organised this ICT course without the help from SAMSKIP, as they have donated the computers which are used for the course. We are looking forward to organising the next ICT course!