The final hospital beds donated to Allen Town Community Hospital

Aurora donated the final five beds, on behalf of Akureyri Hospital, to the Allen Town Community Hospital, located in the eastern part of Freetown. The Hospital is a very small hospital run by the community and has several nurses working at the Hospital. Occasionally they do get a visiting doctor. Its primary function is to serve expecting mothers and lactating mothers and infants. They lack the most basic equipment and were extremely thankful for the hospital beds donated, as they didn´t have proper hospital beds for their overnight patients before receiving the beds.
The Chairman of the Community Hospital, Mr. Idris Kamara, expressed his thanks to Aurora Foundation and the donors from Iceland, Akureyri Hospital and SAMSKIP and hope that some future donations will be made possible of other hospital equipment.

Thereby concluded the donation of hospital beds, given to Aurora by Akureyri Hospital and shipped to Freetown by SAMSKIP. Aurora administrated all the deliveries and took care of all costs related to customs and other expenses involved in unloading the container and distributing the beds.