Computers for the Female Correctional Centre!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of visiting the Freetown Female Correctional Centre (FFCC), where we donated four desktops to their computer room.

The FFCC is one of Sierra Leone’s female correctional facilities, initially built for 18 women, but currently home to 68 women who are either serving their sentence or waiting for their trial. With the support of AdvocAid, the FFCC offers, among others, sewing courses, literacy classes and computer courses. Currently, the facility has six computers and 18 ladies enrolled in their ICT programme, and they have spread their classes over the morning and afternoons. With the four extra computers, they are able to have more women attend the ICT classes, which will make the women more successful upon release.

In addition, we have also supported AdvocAid with one desktop for their finance team in Freetown, as their organisation has been growing and computers were shared among some of their employees. We could not have made this donation happen without the help from SAMSKIP Island, so therefore we want to express our gratitude towards their donation of computers to us.