Aurora Board Meets in person finally!

The Board of Aurora Foundation finally met in August, after only having TEAMS meetings for the past couple of years!

The meeting lasted for two days, and the Board both discussed the development over the past two years and strategized for the next few years. The Board discussed in detail the development of each of Aurora´s projects over the past couple of years, especially in the light of the pandemic, but it has greatly affected Sierra Leone as elsewhere. The conclusion was pleasing, and the Board was quite pleased with the staff of Aurora and how they had managed to keep all the projects going throughout this difficult time. Looking ahead, the Board of Aurora is quite ambitious on behalf of Aurora. It expects substantial growth and development in all of Aurora´s projects, and we will be looking into some future Aurora Music projects as well.

Before the general meeting of Aurora started, Aurora held its Annual General Meeting, where we went over the Annual Accounts and the Annual Report for the year 2020, and changes were made to the Board of Aurora Foundation. Birta Ólafsdóttir stepped down as a board member after being on the Board for seven years. Aurora is hugely grateful to Birta for her significant contribution to the development of Aurora, especially the design and setup of the Aurora office in Freetown. She also supported the Executive Director of Aurora in various ways over the years. We wish Birta all the best in her future endeavors and say a big thank you for all your hard work for Aurora Foundation!

A new board member joined at the same time, Ólafur Orri Ólafsson, and we are extremely excited to work with him in the future. He has followed the development of Aurora closely over the years and has visited Sierra Leone several times, so he knows the work quite well. Welcome on board Ólafur Orri Ólafsson.