University of Sierra Leone receives IT equipments from Iceland

There was a joyful moment when Aurora, in collaboration with Arion Bank and Samskip, donated 10 Computers, 5 large Screens and various other IT equipment to the University of  Sierra Leone. The donation marked the start of Aurora´s new Computer Project, but the second Free Computer Training Project this year is starting soon. This project is a collaboration between Aurora and iDT Labs in Sierra Leone and Arion Bank and Samskip in Iceland. Arion Bank has donated a substantial amount of computers and other IT equipment, and Samskip continued their support from earlier in the year and donated a computer and various IT equipment again this time as well as providing Aurora with a free shipment of the goods from Reykjavik to Freetown.

Part of the project this time was to donate computers and other important IT equipment to the University of Sierra Leone.  Dr. Fatmatta B. Taqi a Director of Academic and Career Advisory & Counseling Services and Miss Antoinette Turay a senior admin assistant received the equipment on behalf of the University and expressed the gratitude of the University IT department, but IT equipment in the University three faculties are really scarce. The University of Sierra Leone is the oldest University in West Africa, established in 1827, and will soon celebrate its 190th birthday.

UNICEF’s Final Report on an Educational Project in Sierra Leone

Aurora has cooperated with UNICEF in Sierra Leone since the fund’s establishment in 2007, and has supported educational project for 2,1m USD. Considering education as a human right and as an unequivocal basis for the foundation of social development Aurora has deemed it highly beneficial to support projects furthering this process.

The support from the Aurora Foundation has directly contributed to increased access to quality education.

Since its establishment, the goal of Aurora has been to enhance and strengthen cultural and humanitarian activities in Iceland and abroad with focus on supporting projects that can make a difference.

Aurora has faith in the benefits of ensuring greater access to education, for women in particular, in Sierra Leone. It should provide the necessary foundation of the country‘s future in terms of social and individual rights. Increased access to education for all children with a specific focus on ensuring girls education makes Aurora confident that a greater contribution can be made in the long term to local culture, overall productivity and the national income of Sierra Leone.

The final quote of the report states: „The support from the Aurora Foundation has directly contributed to increased access to quality education for children in Sierra Leone and a strengthened community participation in education. With the Aurora Foundation support, children will have their right to community-supported child- friendly quality education fulfilled. On behalf of the children whose lives have transformed and improved because of the Aurora Foundation support and resolve, UNICEF extends its deepest gratitude and looks forward to continued cooperation to secure the right to education for even more children in Sierra Leone.“

Opening ceremony of public bathroom facilities in Funkia, Goderich

Aurora is proud to announce that the bathroom facilities in Funkia, Goderich have finally been opened up for the public. The whole community was in a festive mood this morning when officials and other important people visited the community to participate in the opening ceremony. Several emotional and inspirational speeches were held by various stakeholders and it is the hope of all who participated that this is just the start of a long and fruitful cooperation between Aurora, Neptune and the people of Funkia, Goderich.


Aurora has been working for the past year in Goderich through its fishing project Neptune. The building of toilets, showers and sewages in the neighbourhood surrounding the fish landing site, is part of the social responsibility policy of Neptune.