First allocation of three in 2010 from Aurora Design Fund.

Eight designers and architects received a grant of total ISK 7,880,000 kr from Aurora Design Fund yesterday 17th February.

The Design Fund received 62 applications in the fields of architecture, graphic design, landscape architecture, fashion design and product design. The diverseness of applications provides the Fund an opportunity to broaden its calling further and encourage diversity in all areas of design and architecture.

Three new projects receive a grant this time, but behind them is a diverse group of people.

The Design Fund will continue supporting the following individuals, who are all in the process of marketing their products abroad;

In addition, two scholarships are awarded to newly graduated designers to work with experienced designers or architects in Iceland.

Kristrún Thors product designer will work with Gudrun Lilja Gunnlaugsdóttur in Studio Bility and Laufey Jónsdóttir, fashion designer will work with Blika Glófa ehf.

This was the first allocation in the year 2010 of three, the next allocation is planned in May and then the third in September. The application deadline will be advertised on the  Fund´s website www.honnunarsjodur.is.