Welcome to the opening of Sweet Salone & 1+1+1

We hereby invite you to the opening of Sweet Salone & 1+1+1 on Wednesday March 14th at 17:00 in Mengi, Óðinsgötu 2, 101 Reykjavik.

There we will be celebrating a colorful cooperation between the Nordic design team 1+1+1 and crafts people in Sierra Leone.

1+1+1 is an experimental collaboration between designers from three Nordic countries: Hugdetta from Iceland, Petra Lilja from Sweden and Aalto+Aalto from Finland.

In the new collection of 1+1+1, the fusion of sleek Nordic design and rustic African craftsmanship results in exciting new shapes and forms. Sharing ideas, working together and learning from one another has made a profound impact and, improved lives.

The final result is the combination of joy, hope, knowledge and friendship, experienced by all those involved.

Mengi will be open during Design March as follows:

  1. March: 17:00–19:00, 15-16. March: 11:00–17:00, 17-18. March: 12:00–17:00

The products will be sold in Geysir Heima on Skólavörðustígur following the exhibition on DesignMarch.

For further information on the project SWEET SALONE please see here.

Products from Aurora’s Sweet Salone project well received

The sales of products designed and produced through the cooperation between Icelandic designers and Sierra Leonean craftspeople has exceeded all our expectations.

The collaboration is a part of the project Sweet Salone, initiated by Aurora Foundation in 2016, in order to build a bridge between the foundation’s two operating countries; Iceland and Sierra Leone.

The already produced collections consist of clothes and accessories designed for adults and children, as well as children’s toys. Part of the production is already sold out and orders have been placed for more.

Following the initial visit of designers from the labels Kron by KronKron and As We Grow to Sierra Leone, the Icelandic-Finnish-Swedish design team 1+1+1 started the second part of the Sweet Salone project with their visit in November 2017. We are excited to see the outcome of the collaboration of 1+1+1 and the Sierra Leonean artisans, to be premiered at Iceland’s main design festival DesignMarch, in the month of March 2018.

But for now, we at Aurora Foundation extend our very best wishes for a happy holiday season!

Crowded venue at the opening of Sweet Salone project and Sense of Place photo exhibition

We are extremely grateful for the warm attention we received at the double opening of Aurora’s Sweet Salone project and Sense of Place photo exhibition, marking the 10th anniversary of the Foundation. As a part of Aurora’s Sweet Salone project, design studios KronKron and AsWeGrow collaborated with craftspeople in Sierra Leone, in creating collections of clothes, toys and accessories.

At the opening, the KronKron showroom was packed to the door, and the products very well received by all guests and visitors. The cooperation between us, the Icelandic designers and Sierra Leonean artisans, has exceeded our greatest expectations. We look forward to new products being developed, resulting in more jobs being created in Sierra Leone, and closer ties knit between the two countries Aurora operates in; Sierra Leone and Iceland.

The Sweet Salone products will continue to be for sale in the KronKron boutique at Laugavegur 63B. For further information about the project and items, please contact Aurora Foundation at aurorafoundation@aurorafoundation.is

Welcome to Sweet Salone and the exhibition Sense of place

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Aurora Foundation we invite you to the opening of SWEET SALONE, Wednesday 15th November at 6:00PM in KronKron Laugavegur 63 (entrance is from Vitastigur).

We will be celebrating a colorful collaboration between two Icelandic design labels, Kron by KronKron and As We Grow, with local crafts people in Sierra Leone.

We wholeheartedly believe that through sharing ideas, working together and learning from one another we can make a profound impact and improve lives.

An exhibition of photographs, Sense of place, by Birta Ólafsdóttir will open at the same time. The photographs depict the atmosphere of various workspaces of Aurora’s collaborators in Sierra Leone in a compelling way.

In these photographs she chose moments of tranquillity to communicate the action. One perceives the time before and after the photograph is taken. While no one is there we feel the presence of the people who work here and the aura they leave behind. The atmosphere is the subject of these photographs, an abstract phenomenon that exists in endless variations and reveals everything without a single word.

The exhibition will be open until 15th January 2018.


New project in Sweet Salone

Aurora Foundation is very excited about its new project, building a bridge between designers and crafts makers in Iceland and Sierra Leone. It has been an absolute joy to see our partners collaborate, discuss, take on new challenges and create something new.

Our Icelandic partners are Kron by Kron Kron and As We Grow and in Sierra Leone we work with over ten talented designers and crafts makers with huge potential and strong work ethic.